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让人心碎的英文句子50句 导读:放不下的意思大概就是,即使我身边出现了别的人,甚至更好的人,我还是忍不住想起你。下面是小编为你精选的让人心碎的英文句子。 1.T…





1.The end of the summer, the who. Memory such as a line, who stumbled.那年夏末,负了谁。记忆如线,绊了谁。

2.Every day without you is like a book without pages.没有你的日子就像一本没有书页的书。

3.We always ask for man to innocent as child, but able as father我们总是要求男人有孩子一样的眼神,但要有父亲一样的能力。

4.Held your hand,as if threads on your fingers around。握过你的手,仿佛余温在指尖缠绕。

5.Don’t waste your time on a man/woman, who isn’t willing to waste their time on you.不要为那些不愿在你身上花费时间的人而浪费你的时间。

6.掉网不可怕,可怕的是一阵一阵的掉。It’s not terrible to lose the net.

7.有些人注定要离开,何必苦苦纠缠。Some people are doomed to leave, why bother.

8.No one takes you as the world丶 没人把你当成全世界

9.清泪两行伊人醉,花语自香无人配。There are two lines of tears.

10.明知道我是你的将就,却还是把你当成我的所有。I know that I am your compromise, but I still treat you as my all.

11.Time is the only antidote.时间是唯一的解药


13.I love you a lot. The but again chooe lonely.我爱你很多。却又选择寂寞。

14.I like your life across the meteor, fleeting 我就像你生命中划过的流星,转瞬即逝。

15.everyone of the people who says she or he does’n want to be in love There must be someone without possibility in their hearts 每个嘴里说不想恋爱的人,心里都装着一个无法拥有的人。

16.The shoes do not fit it off the right one to let go不合脚的鞋就脱了 不合适的人就放手

17.I would like weeping with the smile rather than repenting with the cry, when my heart is broken ,is it needed to fix?宁愿笑着流泪,也不哭着说后悔。心碎了,还需再补吗?

18.Don’t judge someone’s past, when you haven’t walked their journey!——如果你没有经历过别人所经历的事情,就不要去评判一个人的过去!

19.Stay up late and you’re far away.熬夜的瘾和遥远的你

20.The time that you are my fatal 时光深知你是我致命的爱人

21.Are we losing to maturity or losing to being childish?我们到底是输给了成熟还是败给幼稚

22.Because that desperate love, what I lost you never know 因为那奋不顾身的爱,我失去了什么你不会知道。

23.你的心,我没有访问权。Your heart, I do not have access to the right.

24.I would like to be a single-cell organisms, heartless creature alive. 我想做个单细胞的生物,没心没肺的活着。

25.Sometimes our vision clears only after our eyes are washed away with ears.有时候,惟有一场眼泪,我们才彻底清晰了视线。

26.曾经发了疯的想,如今拼了命的忘。Once I was crazy, I want to forget my life now.

27.To the world you may be just one person. To the person you may be the world.对于世界,你可能只是一个人,但对于某个人,你却是整个世界。

28.Have met your luck, it’s a pity that didn’t keep you.有遇见你的运气,可惜没留住你的本事。

29.竟然选择了奋不顾身,就别怕重蹈覆辙。If you choose to do your best, don’t be afraid of repeating the same mistakes.

30.我感动天感动地,却感动不了你。I moved to heaven, but I could not move you.

31.差点以为你已经是我的了,可是最后我们却分手了。I almost thought you were mine, but in the end we broke up.

32.Cry to yourself, smile to people. This is life.哭给自己听,笑给别人看。这就是人生

33.我在时光尽头,等你带我走。I am at the end of time, waiting for you to take me away.

34.I even dead,also you together. 我就算死,也要拉着你一起死

35.我爱你始于初见,止于终老。My love is kept for you from the first sight to the end of life.

36.Sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart like the evening among the silent trees.忧思在我的心里平静下去,正如暮色降临在寂静的山林中。


38.The most cool of the but people, most humble feelings.最凉的的不过是人心,最卑微的不过是感情。

39.如果不能接受失去,人简直无法成长。If we can not accept loss, people simply can not grow.

40.If you feel sad for burning it in your heart, then just smile and let it go. 如果放在心里会觉得难过,那么就请微笑着放手吧。

41.心态决定情绪,情绪决定心情,心情决定心境,心境决定生活。Mentality decided to emotions, emotions decided the mood, the mood decided to mood, mood decided to life.

42.We never really grow up.We only learn how to act in public. 我们从未真正长大,我们只是在别人面前学会了假装。

43.爱真的需要勇气,来面对流言蜚语。It takes courage to face the gossip.

44.Whatever happened in the past is gone,the best is always yet to come。无论过去发生什么,最好的永远尚未到来。

45.Standing in a corner of the world,watching the sunrise and sunset。在世界某一个角落,看着日出日落。

46.To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.对于世界而言,你是一个人;但是对于某个人,你是他的整个世界。

47.我们唯一的关系是没有关系。Our only relationship is no relationship.

48.You make my heart smile我的心因你而笑。

49.I fat the out set I brave,ending is different.如果当初我勇敢,结局是不是不一样.

50.I would like a switch you to use my years long stay.我愿用我一切换你岁月长留。


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